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Ari Designs is made up of a mother-daughter duo of designers,Sharon and Maggie (Ari) Fleishman from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our love of jewelry and the latest trends in fashion kept us always looking for new ideas in making our jewelry for ourselves. 

What was once a mother-daughter designer necklace for only ourselves, quickly became “that necklace that Maggie wears”, and “I want that too!” 

Ari Designs was born and we haven’t slowed down since that first decision to make necklaces and now bracelets for others to enjoy along with us! 

Basically, we have taken our love of fashion and combined it with our love for the coastal lifestyle that we lead as much as possible. 

Currently, Maggie (Ari) is a senior at NCSU, majoring in textiles in brand management and marketing and Sharon is in the process of making coastal North Carolina her new permanent address. 

We have a unique twist on designing jewelry that appeals to creative souls as well as the not so creative (those who just want to look like the girl with the incredible jewelry and style!)

We love to experiment with different materials, stones, colors, patterns until we have that perfect piece. Our jewelry is completely of our own design and creative ideas inspired by coastal living and all things that make us happy!

Worn alone or layered, the necklaces and bracelets were made to compliment each other. We hope you enjoy your Air Design Pieces-making them is truly a passion that we are thrilled to be able to share.

Sharon and Maggie

What is Mariasha Ruhama?

Mariasha Ruhama, a.k.a., Maggie Fleishman and her mom, Sharon Fleishman are the proud owners and designers of Ari Designs. Mariasha Ruhama happens to be Maggie’s hebrew name, which was given to her at her brit milah, the Jewish naming ceremony given to baby girls by their parents shortly after birth.

Ari, short for Mariasha, is Maggie’s nickname given to her by her big sister, Hannah.

Symbols in Ari Designs

The Shell and Red bead: You may find a small shell disc along with a red bead on top somewhere on your original collection pieces. The shell represents our love of all things coastal and the small red bead has a double meaning, it’s our symbol for love and it also represents North Carolina State University. Maggie is graduating from the university in the spring of 2017. 

The Skull: Traditionally, skulls have represented triumph and rebellion as used by pirates on their flags. In other customs, they also symbolize protection, strength and that the bearer of the skull has overcome great adversity. 

So, in saying that, we have adopted this small skull as one of our symbols. We both feel that we have overcome many hurdles along the way and have come out on the other side all the better for it.